An international traveller who failed his kidneys and developed life threatening clots in his lungs

We arrived at BLK – MAX A&E on 31 March 2023. His diagnosis at the time was acute gastroenteritis, severe dehydration, septic shock with a creatinine level of 20 for which the team administered HD. Subsequently, his kidneys improved, and dialysis was stopped. He then developed clots in the right leg (Deep Vein Thrombosis) which travelled to his lungs and his oxygen level dropped. The team administered heparin injections which dissolved the clots in the artery of the lungs. Dr Sunil Prakash and the team did an excellent job, and I would go so far as to say he saved his life. My husband was discharged on 11 April. We travelled safely home to Scotland on 21 April.

We are forever grateful to Dr Prakash and the team for the speedy and excellent treatment provided to my husband. We wish them all the very best.