Dr Sunil Prakash the angel

I am a retired government officer 69 years of age. The trouble with my kidneys started about 2 years ago. The creatinine level gradually went up and tests indicated 90% failure of this vital or gan unrecognized and uncared for 67 years.

I was a minor diabetic and BP patient on medicines for last 20 years. It appears and is apparently the resulted in damage to kidneys. God only knows.

Dr. Sunil Prakash the angel doctor in ARTEMIS asses sed the whole situation and suggested creation of fistula immedia tely. But any doctor who advised to delay this suited me very well. The inevitable happened, blood full of toxins, water in my lungs and weakness.

When I realized that dialysis is inevitable I was petrified, felt so mad at first that why GOD me? I had a led life full of sporting activities and yet it happened. I felt so mad at first. It was so unfair. However my initial hesitation for getting dialyzed also resulted in the delay for getting operated for the creation of fistula.

This led to initial sessions of dialysis being done through neck, thighs which also resulted in infection. The infection was strong and seemed incurable. My family members and I thought that death was inevitable. Thank God, my fistula worked and gradually things got under control. After couple of dialysis treatments I felt wonderful. It was scary at first not knowing as to what would be done to me and how my body will react? I have now gone through dialysis many times and I know the routine. The red cells and the energy is coming back. The breakfast served at the hospital is very enjoyable affair and I earnestly look forward for it.

I used to see dialysis as interruption to normal life then I started seeing it as a thing which saves life. I have been on dialysis for the last 2 years now. I play Golf on weekends, swim with my grandchildren once in a while and try to act normal feel normal and behave normal.

Dialysis is painless and what is the other choice?

MK Bhatnagar