My smile came back on face and most of time its remains

Hello Big Brother,

There is no way i can say you thanks for your efforts so i will not say.

I never thought before meeting you that in my life i will do my regular work like earlier after Renal Transplantation. Reason behind that my friends, relatives always came and tell us horror story abouth transplantation I was very de-motivated and hopeless when i came to you and full of fear about transplantation. But the way you clear my doubt and treat me after transplantation i had not faced a single minute of episode of fear before operation and after operation. Your support is the only reason i recovered so fast and on a positive track that today nobody after seeing me can say i even faced a fever in my life even if i told them i had gone for kidney transplantation they said you are lier.

My smile came back on face and most of time its remains. 🙂 My family also says that they never found me so happy ever. (Touchwood)

Everyone finds that its a miracle that just within 6 months after transplantation i am feeling same athletic feelings like i was feeling when i was in the age of 15th. I am regularly playing Cricket, Little bit Football for fittness, and slow jogging 5 km in a day without any tiredness. Before transplantation when i was on dialysis to go 1 km on my foot was a challenge for me.

My stamina and health improves so good now everytime i feel energetic. I have my pending dreams like skydiving, parajumping which will come true very soon as i planned.

Thanks for giving me a new life with full of enjoyment and giving me mental strenth to forget my past life when i was suffered with kidney failure.

You treated me not only physically, mentally too thats why i felt that all past was a bad dream only.

I never forget the feeling when i came to you and you always boost my moral by saying younger brother and just behaved like a big brother too your prompt support in odd hours, even callback followup from your own is really appreciatable.

Its a new life as a gift given by My sister (donor) and My Big Brother (Dr. Sunil Prakash)

I will post some match playing video on youtube very soon and forward the link to you so you can see what level of energy i have now. ha ha ha ha

“Some peoples on the earth cames for giving happiness to others” I am lucky i got that one like you.

salute to my big bro