Transplant from a Dead Persons Kidney

My name is shweta and I am 24 yrs old and a student. About two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with chest tuberculosis for which I started the treatment but within a month my legs started to swell up.i went for a blood test and urine r/m, which showed my inc in protien and slight inc in creatinine.

I ws advised a renal biopsy which showed my kidneys hv degraded by 90% and class VI lupus. I went for all possible treatments in a reputed hospital n under a reputed rheumatologist,but in vain as I was detroiting day by day.

I came on dialysis as my creatinine shot up to 9. My dialysis was conducted in BLK hospital. My case was under Dr. Sunil Prakash.I was on dialysis for one year in which for 6 months I was suffering from hep B. Then Sir ( Dr. Sunil Prakash) told me tha they have a cadaver donor for me. Every other doctor told me not to go fr a transplant as I was a lupus patient,as it would be of no use as the new kidney will suffer from the same disease.

But Sir assured me that don’t worry nothing will happen and you will live a healthy and happy life. And Sir refused everyone and I underwent a transplant. My transplant was done by Dr Sunil Prakash,Dr Aditya Pradhan and Dr. Rana. And now I am perfectly fine and healthy, all my vitals are normal and its been almost 6 months since my transplant.

Thanks to my Doctors and my Surgeons, I owe my life to them.