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Welcome to One of the Best Nephrologists in India: Dr. Sunil Prakash

Heart Diseases Specialist

Dr. Sunil Prakash


Dr. Sunil Prakash is currently working as a Senior Consultant & Director in Nephrology Department at BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi. The hospital is 650 bedded ultramodern, quaternary care hospitals in Delhi India that provide comprehensive integrated state of the art health services to patients. As one of the best nephrologist in Delhi, India, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and hypertension are his special interests. He is passionate about diagnosing kidney diseases at an earlier stage and providing world-class treatment including dialysis and kidney transplant in Delhi, India. He is a senior and experienced kidney specialist in Delhi and is among the leading nephrologist in Delhi NCR, India.


Our Specialities to Treat Kidney Disorders

Each year, organ and tissue donation saves many lives in India. At Kidney Total Care India, all patients are considered for transplantation, but we inform those who are not suitable for kidney transplantation for any reason. There are some risks involved in transplanting a kidney such as the donor can have Stocks, bleeding, blood clots, heart attack, infection, pneumonia or other problems, so we take intensive care while transplanting a kidney.

In human body, kidneys are two bean-shaped organs which are present on each side of spine. Their function is to remove waste from human body and also it levels out our blood pressure plus keeps our bones strong. A nephrologist suggests a patient for dialysis, when his/her both kidneys stop functioning. The patients having chronic kidney disease is suggested for dialysis and after some time they must be advised for kidney transplant.

If you’re on dialysis, you have three main approaches first is Intermittent hemodialysis (IHD), second is Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and last one is Continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT). You may go for any of the three, but many experts agree that home dialysis either peritoneal or hemodialysis is the best option for treating kidney failure. During dialysis, you can live full and active life. At Kidney Total Care India, we offer home dialysis treatment at reasonable cost in India.

Our Team - Best Kidney Specialist in Delhi, India

Under his guidance, his team offers general nephrology services to its patients.  Dr. Sunil Prakash is the best kidney specialist in Delhi, India providing kidney care for patients with acute and chronic renal failure, kidney transplants and miscellaneous problems. Dr. Sunil Prakash and his team of best kidney experts endeavors to provide total kidney services in India including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan states. He is providing extraordinary care at very competitive cost in India.  He offers kidney care including dialysis and treatment of whole range of kidney problems and diseases. He is very proficient in hemodialysis, CAPD and Home dialysis. His expertise in kidney transplantation and dialysis spans more than 3 decades. Currently, he is associated with BLK Super Specialty Hospital, which is one of the best hospital for kidney transplant in India.

Kidney transplant surgery is the best treatment method for the kidney failure or end stage renal disease. Kidney transplant is a surgical course of action to replace a kidney from a live or dead donor into a person's whose kidney is no longer functioning properly. Not all kidney transplants are successful, but rate of success also depends upon the kidney transplant doctor in Delhi who will perform kidney transplant. A normal human is born with two kidneys. We can, however, survive with only one kidney also. But, when both the kidneys stop functioning, in this situation, a kidney transplant is the only solution. If you are looking for kidney transplant in Delhi, India, you are at the right place, as Dr. Sunil Prakash is the top kidney transplant specialist in Delhi, India to perform kidney transplant for you. Call him and ask any question you may have before the kidney transplant in India.

If you are looking for best nephrologist in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, or Uttar Pradesh, Call Dr. Sunil Prakash to have an appointment with him. Call us Mobile No.: +91-9873692675 Phone: 011-30403040 / 011-26253523, or mail us at sunil.neph@gmail.com.