I am a 33 year old male paient diagnosed

I am a 33 year old male paient diagnosed with ESRD on maintenance hemodialysis since Aug 2005.

This is way back in 2004 January when I had repeated complaints of vulnerable headache, I got my sight tested. The result was normal but I had reading glasses for a couple of months. The problem still persisted in conjunction with severe back pain. Then I consulted a Physician and was diagnosed to have High Blood Pressure (220/110). He advised me to undergo total health check-up and pathological tests. Based on the results, I was advised to meet a Nephrologist.

The Nephrologist informed me about the slightly elevated levels of Creatinine and high blood pressure and prescribed medications. Since my levels kept on increasing, the Nephrologist recommended to undergo a Renal Biopsy in March,2004. The findings of the biopsy were “Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis (Acute Renal failure)”, azotemia, elevated ASO titre and proteinuria. Salt restricted diet was recommended with the same medication.

In July 2005, I suffered from severe nausea, severe acidity, excessive urination and infection in stool, severe breathlessness and swelling all over the body. Then, I revisited my Nephologist in Aug,2005 and got all my tests done. On my consultation, my creatinine levels were 24 and urea levels were 220. To my dismay and shock, I was asked to get admitted and to get started on Dialysis. Jugular was performed on the same day evening and the first dialysis was performed. and dialysis was performed daily for a week’s time. Then, the doctor had recommended to undergo a Renal Transplant. I was discharged with a recommendation to undergo hemodialysis thrice a week.

This was continuing week after week and over a period of two years I had lost almost 20 kgs of weight and by the end of 2006 my weight reduced to 55kgs.. During this tenure, although on medication and a salt-restricted diet, my blood pressure was not under control. It was always 200/120. My hemoglobin levels started dripping and finally when it was around 7, I had severe shivering during dialysis. Life seemed very difficult with lot of health disturbances

In January 2009, we shifted to Gurgaon as my wife had got a better job opportunity and consulted Dr. Sunil Prakash, Artemis Health Institute for regular treatment. Under his supervision, a new life evolved with my blood pressure coming under control for the first time. I had shifted to Acute dialysis (single use dialysis), my appetite has increased and I was having a sound sleep in the nights. Life style had become very comfortable till date and I have gained 9Kgs of weight in this one year. Now my weight is 63kgs. I am leading a very healthy life now with no food limitations except for a salt restricted life. I am enjoying my platter like a normal person. I am more happier now, motivated mentally to survive and lead a better life under the supervision of Dr. Sunil Prakash. His care towards a patient related to blood pressure levels, medication prescribed, personal attention, diagnosis and clinical management has made my life comfortable. He has given me a second life. Today all my renal profile investigations are well with in the normal ranges since 2 years.

Now when I think of my life way back in Hyderabad, it is a scary dream. A real nightmare for a patient like me. The facilities of my hospital in Gurgaon have contributed immensey in my health management by the physician. The team of Dr. Sunil Prakash is highly talented, cooperative and very friendly with the patients. Dr. Sunil Prakash has a human touch for his patients and listens patiently to the queries of his patients, his medication aptly suits the patient’s condition and shows great results, he has a great healing hand. He is uncomparable to any of his likes. Today, I can bet that he is a walking encyclopedia in Nephrology. A man with a dedicated soul, a sensitive and caring personality.

Today I can assure all patients with a very critcal state, that Dr.Sunil Praksh is the right choice as a treating physician who can bring back a healthy living in your life in no time.

Thanks & regards,
With love

Rakesh Khullar