I Dance Again After Transplant


My name is Shirley,and I am 28 yrs old.

The world came crashing down on me 3 yrs back, in the tear 2013, when I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. My work, my lifestyle had taken a heavy toll on my health and all of a sudden I got deprived of everything I used to love – from Dancing, Shopping, Travelling, Eating out, parties etc.

Then came the toughest part of my life, God grace no one should go through this,I started dialysis as per doctor’s advice, twice a week. Those 4 hrs lying motionless on a hospital bed, were extreme torture followed by endless body ache and headache. I literally went through hell for continuous 3 yrs. I tried every alternate option, to cure/heal my kidneys as I was always apprehensive about a transplant.

Finally after a lot of excruciating pain, I decided to go for the transplant and I met Dr. Sunil Prakash at BLK Hospital, Delhi . Truly an angel to me, he explained every minute details involved and gave me the required utter confidence to go for the big surgery.

So finally, in Apr’16, my mom donated one of her kidneys and I was operated upon for the transplant and it’s been 6 months and now I jog, sometimes run, eat food of my choice (of course with some limitations) , dance and can do my all-time favorite activities – shopping and travelling. Trust me, now I feel that, I should not have waited this long for operation.

I feel the same old vigor and energy in me as it used to be 3 yrs back. when I was healthy. I am flying in the sky, soaring to achieve further heights of happiness.

Kudos to Dr. Sunil Prakash & Team for giving my life back to me. There are no words to express my deep gratitude towards my doctors, though only a confidence that gives me the gut feeling that they are angels in our lives and will bring happiness to many other people going through such painful lives.

Thankfully Yours,

Shirley Shahi Thakuri