Dr Prakash was very calm and understanding about the situation

I was diagnosed with an E. Coli urinary tract infection with ESBL producers in Bangalore, where I was treated with intravenous injections once a day for six days. A month and a half later I developed a reoccurrence. I had a fever of 105°F, pain in my lower back and chest and had chills all across my body. The doctors in Bangalore were quite shocked and confused with the reoccurrence and it was then that I decided to fly to Delhi for treatment.

I met with Dr. Sunil Prakash the day I flew into Delhi. I was scared and stressed out, as I had never been so ill before. Dr. Prakash was very calm and understanding about the situation. One of his greatest attributes is that he is very attentive. He took the time to talk to me and listen to my concerns and always tried to come up with solutions that worked for both of us. Dr. Prakash also respected my privacy, which I really appreciate.

Dr. Prakash sent me for a number of tests to investigate what was going on inside me, and at each step he would explain why these tests were being conducted. He came and saw me at the hospital before my scans and also whilst I received my first intravenous injection with the treatment medication. Dr. Prakash discovered my urinary tract infection had spread to my bladder and kidneys and diagnosed me with bilateral pyelonephritis. He put me onto intravenous injections three times a day for two weeks and then oral medication for another month.

I was very scared and confused once I was diagnosed, however,Dr. Prakash always made me feel like he had all the time in the world for me. He would sit and answer each and every question I had, even if I asked the same question again and again, with out hurrying me up. He was constantly drawing diagrams for me to help me better understand. Dr. Prakash was extremely patient and supportive and always provided in depth and honest answers to my queries and concerns. I feel he is a physician who genuinely cares about all his patients, as I have experienced it first hand. During my first appointment with Dr. Prakash he gave me his personal number and always answered the phone, whether it was 7am or 7pm I could always get in touch with him. And when I did not call him, Dr. Prakash called me to check on how I was feeling, whether certain symptoms had disappeared or if I had any new ones. I was very touched by his concern and calls, and I never expected a doctor to call and check up on me. I feel he goes above and beyond for his patients and I am very grateful.

Dr. Prakash is a very experienced and knowledgeable physician and made me feel safe and confident about handling my diagnosis. He also investigated every possible lead into how I may have contracted bilateral pyelonephritis and was cautious in his approach. He made sure I did not have to undergo any unnecessary and/or invasive tests as I had already been through so much. But he also made sure that the infection was completely eradicated.I am very glad that Dr. Prakash is my physician andthat he was in my life when I needed him.