1. Giving lecture at Port Blair Andaman Island in Annual nephrology conference
  2. 2nd Regional CME Indian Society Of Nephrology
  3. 9th annual conference of Peritioneal Dialysis scociety of india
  4. Europea Renal Association
  5. All india vaish Federation- South delhi
  6. Invitation ma . Sunil pRakash
  7. Loksabha Thanks presence
  8. Batra Hospital & medical research center
  9. Medical Emergencies an interactive case based update
  10. Indian Medical Association Kanpur Branch
  11. ISPD 2004 EuroPD 88
  12. SPD 2004 EuroPD 041sp-419
  13. The third Asian Chamber Meeting Attence certificate
  14. IMA college of general practice
  15. Tufts New England Medical Centre
  16. DNS news letter Editors coloumn
  17. Updates Advances in Nephrology
  18. 32th Annual conference of society of Nephrology
  19. Attendence certificate PD university
  20. ANZSN, APSN ttendence certificate
  21. The university of New South Whales
  22. Vanderbilt University Medical Centre
  23. Societe Internationale de Nephrologie International Society of Nephrology
  24. Societe Internationale de Nephrologie International Society of Nephrology 2
  25. XV th international congress of Nephrology (Argentina)
  26. Indian Society of Nephrology DS Raina
  27. Indian Society of Nephrology Pstgraduate Inst. of Medical Education & research
  28. XIV th Congress of Nephrology
  29. XIV th Congress of Nephrology 2
  30. Northern Railway certificate of merit
  31. Nvin c. Nada National Institute of Echocardiography and reserach
  32. Vanderbilt University Medical Centre
  33. International Conference on update in cardiology & workshop
  34. International Conference on preventive cardiology
  35. World Congress of Nephrgy2009
  36. Internal society for peritoneal dialysis (ISPD )
  37. Indian Society of Nephrology Silver Jublee.
  38. Indian Society of Nephrology XXVth Annual Conference.
  39. General Japanese Language Course.
  40. ISN Fellowship Training Award.
  41. Certificate from Ubnivesitatis Missourien.
  42. Worked as Senior Resident in Nephrology.
  43. Certificate in Nephrology update 1994.
  44. Clinical training for Patients care of Infectious Diseases.
  45. Acknowledge letter form Northern Railways.
  46. Certificate of Honour in Physiology.
  47. American Society of Nephrology