Dr Sunil Prakash changed my life


Doctor Sunil Prakash I still remember the day 4 months back when I was admitted in a serious condition in your hospital. You assured me of good health, if I followed your instructions. As you said I followed your treatment and as the time passed your good treatment and care helped me heel. As you assured me that I will be benifited if I start dylasis I will start living a normal life.

Frankly speaking it was ur pep talk with me that the horror of dylasis which was in my mind was blown away. Now 4 months into the dylasis I feel so relaxed and fresh. I don’t remember the day when I was admitted to the hospital with breathlessness and depressed condition. Your dedicated treatment has given me a new lifeand my vision towards life has changed all togeather. Recently I went to Jaipur at Rajputana sherreton hotel with my family for a vacation, you know I went for swimming walk and enjoyed the vacation this is all made possible by you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to share that, now I am full of energy and doing impossible things.I went to Jaipur and mussorie, drove the car on my own. Above all this I also did swimming in Jaipur.Thanks Dr SUNIL PRAKASH & THE STAFF OF ARTIMIS HOSPITAL.

I am greatful that your treatment has changed my life.