Six tips to take care of the kidneys

Nephrologist in Delhi suggests following basic care to avoid problems of diabetes and other kidney diseases that can be chronic.

The kidneys are a fundamental organ since they are responsible for filtering and detoxifying the organism. However, despite its importance for the health of our body, we do not give it the attention it deserves. Eating a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits is the first step in keeping them healthy. Pay attention to these simple tips, which will improve your quality of life.

  1. Balanced diet. Try not to eat processed foods (including sausages) as they come supersaturated with salt. Replace them with carrots and fruits such as peach, apple, melon, and grapes, which are diuretic.
  2. Drink a lot of water. This helps eliminate salts and toxins through the urine. It is recommended to drink a minimum of liter and a half a day. In the case of patients with kidney stones, the amount should be between 2 and 3 liters per day.
  3. Exercise. The important thing is to stay active, that’s why it’s important to walk, ride a bicycle or run, so blood pressure is kept under control, which is the main risk factor for suffering from chronic kidney disease.
  4. Eat salt in large proportions sediment the kidneys. So it is better to consume it in small quantities, maximum one teaspoon in each main meal.
  5. No smoking. Smoking decreases blood flow to the kidneys, which impairs their functioning and increases the chance of kidney cancer.
  6. Do not self-medicate. Aspirin and some anti-inflammatories can affect the kidneys if they are taken too often because it slows down to eliminate toxins and sugar. Control its use.