Countries Visited for followship & CMES

  1. Japan – 1990 – for training in advanced management of critical care illnesses at national medical centre, Toyama-cho, Tokyo
  2. Australia – 1997. Sydney for training at St Georg hospital, kogarrah Sydney , Australia
  3. Argentina– Attended and presented original research paper in IInd World congress of Nephrology at Buenos Aires Argentina 1999
  4. Canada – Toronto Western hospital Toronto for Jan to june 2000 for award of fellowship of International Society of peritoneal Dialysis.
  5. USA – university of Columbia, Missouri USA, for award of Fellowship of International society of nephrology in 2002
  6. U.K. Presented best paper in preventive nephrology at European Society of parenteral and enteral Nutrition at Glasgow , UK and won cash award of 500 Euros in 2002
  7. Pattaya Thailand – presented state of the art talk in dietary manipulation in APCN 2003
  8. Germany – Presented original paper in blood pressure management in World congress of Nephrology, Berlin, Germany in 2003.
  9. Thailand – Invited guest speaker in Annual conference of royal Society of Thailand 2004
  10. Malaysia – Invited guest speaker in Malaysian Physician’s congress at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2004
  11. The Netherlands – awarded cash award for original paper in newer techniques of CAPD catheter insertion in International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis in Amsterdam Holland in 2004
  12. Spain – Attended annual conference of European Renal Association-In Barcelona 2007
  13. Japan – presented research paper in Asian society of Peritoneal dialysis in Hiroshima in 2007
  14. Singapore – Attended workshop in Newer dialysis modalities in Singapore in 2008
  15. Italy – Attended Word congress of Nephrology in Milan, Italy 2009.
  16. China – Invited as guest speaker and faculty in ketosteril symposium in Beijing China in 2009
  17. USA – 2010 American society of Nephrology meeting- Nov 2010 called renal week held in Denver Colorado USA.
  18. Prague – 2011 ERA -EDTA annual conference in Prague ,Czech republic in May 26 to 30 2011
  19. USA – 2012 Annual congress of American Transplant Congress at Boston massachussits USA June1 to june 5 2012.